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If you want to trace the history of anything, it is often best to start with its etymology. What are the origins of the word Ugg? While some surmise that it is simply a shorter, catchier way to say ugly, there is ample evidence that ugg heel were once called fug boots. Worn by aviators during the First World War, flyboys called them "flying Ugg boots," or "fugs," for short. When the boys got their feet back on the ground and civilians started following the fashions of their heroes, the boot were known simply as Uggs.

There are a number of styles of UGG boots available for men. The Rockville boot features a rugged look with a waterproof leather outer, attractive stitching, and leather straps attached with metal buckles. Interchangeable insoles allow the wearer to sport the Rockville ugg set in either warm or cold weather. With a leather outsole and added rubber to increase traction, it provides not only comfort but also the confidence of knowing that the boot won't slip like some dress shoes.

The UGG Australia brand is best known for its "Classic" sheepskin boots worn by both men and women. ugg classic women have been identified as a fashion trend for men and women since the early 2000s. The range has expanded to include not only footwear, but UGG brand bags, clothing, outerwear, hats, gloves and other goods. Decker's has reported sales of US$689 million under the UGG boots in 2008.

Gucci belts are the favorites for the stylish-conscious people all over the world. Its sophisticated color, meticulous artisan mark, and ubiquitous logo make it distinct from the rest. Made of fine leather, broken the age, race, and country barriers, gucci belt men easily catch your eyeballs.A good belt can stand a man in good stead throughout the workweek and into the weekend—maybe a Gucci belts that makes a statement is rarely cheap comparing with some other accessories, such as shoes and suspenders.

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